Luke Andrews

Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bluesharp, Founder

Hey there!
It’s Luke. I’m always amazed, how fast time flies by... But in the end looking back at all the things that have happened, all the shows we've played, all the decisions we've made – good, and bad ones - and all the amazing people we've met, I realize, that if I'm spending my days with people that I love, doing things that I love, time passes even faster.

I’m deeply grateful to have such an awesome team, giving it their best every step of the way, and I want to say THANK YOU to all of you for your ongoing support. I am more than excited about what’s to come!

Much love,

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Stefan Haslinger

Electric Guitar, Dobro, Mandoline, Keys, BVs

Music has been with me since my early childhood. My father had music running through his veins and supported my passion for music in so many ways. As soon as I held an instrument in my hands, I was in a completely different world and forgot everything around me. When I met Luke and Tom, I was so enthusiastic about their music and their positivity, that I quit my fulltime agency job to devote myself entirely to the band. It’s such a gift to be able to make music with people who challenge you and motivate you at the same time. This band has changed my life significantly and I am infinitely grateful for every single moment. ❤️

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Tom Traint

Bass, Ukulele, Percussions, BVs

Hey guys!
It’s Tom... It all began with a dream that Luke and I had in our small flat in Putney, London, a few years back. What happened since then is truly unbelievable.
I am lucky enough to share the stage with such awesome musicians and wonderful souls!
Nothing other than pure joy, and love, holding down the bassline for the Luke Andrews Band, together with my brother from another mother, Martin.
Thanks to the whole Luke Andrews Band family! ♥️
Keep on growing! X

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Martin Weninger

Drums, Percussions, Shuitar

Hi Folks!
Once upon a time ... no, wait – it’s not a fairytale - it's happening in my real life: right here - right now!
It's simply amazing being a part of the Luke Andrews Band. Having shared the stage and the rehearsal room, I'm truly overwhelmed, how much honesty and empathy I have experienced with these people, reaching out for new goals and carrying the dream of spreading music around the globe!
Recording the songs for the second album really pulled us together and formed our personality as a band. I'm really looking forward what the future holds for us!
Thank You, Luke and Tom, for giving birth to such an inspiring project! You guys Rock!

Hang Loose and Groove Tight!

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© Luke Andrews Band 2021

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